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Book Review: Greek mythology with spice in "Electric Idol"

While the world was grappling with the lockdown and changes in our social lives, book TikTokers relished the opportunity to spill the beans on their most sinful reads–especially Katee Robert’s first installment of her Dark Olympus series “Neon Gods.” Her sequel, “Electric Idol,” is just as sinful as “Neon Gods” and gives new meaning to “reimagined myths” in this modern retelling of Psyche and Eros.

In this modern reimagining of their epic love story, Psyche and Eros are thrown into a fake marriage after the goddess of love puts a hit on Psyche–a job to be carried out by Eros himself. He has no problem committing murder on behalf of his mother, Aphrodite, yet he can’t bring himself to take out Psyche. In the act of rebellion and protection, Eros marries Psyche. The not-so-happily married couple vow to make each other’s lives a living hell during their time together–but as the two grow closer, neither of them can deny the growing tension and love between them.

The second installment of the Dark Olympus series isn’t nearly as steamy and raunchy as “Neon Gods”–but there’s no shortage of stolen moments in this novel. Psyche and Eros’s chemistry explodes when their emotions tangle with their fake-marriage dynamics–not to mention they’re both described as being hot as f*ck.

The romance and spice are the main events of “Electric Idol.” Still, the themes Roberts weaves into the narrative are equally as impressive. Abuse and fat-phobia seem to be the most prevalent themes–adding a nuanced layer that “Neon Gods” was missing.

There’s no denying Robert’s retelling doesn’t follow the couple’s mythical love story to a T; nevertheless, it’s the perfect steamy read for Greek mythology fans. Believe me, the moment Roberts announces the third installment–given the cliffhanger, it’ll most likely be about Perseus and Callisto–I will be immediately adding it to my wish list.

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